Articles about my work with racers

When I started working with racers on the Canadian National Ski Team in 1997, starting with Crazy Canuck, David Murray (aka Mur), I preferred to stay in the background. I didn’t want to suggest that my involvement was somehow giving racers an unfair advantage. This was certainly not the case because my work only allowed racers to more fully realize their innate athletic potential. I also wanted to avoid team politics because I was limited to the number of racers I was able to work with. But being a resident of Whistler meant that the word was on the street and the ski slopes when it became known that I was working with racers like Steve Podborski or Whistler’s Rob Boyd. When these racers mounted the podium. my involvement was sometimes written up in media such as was the case with Steve Podborski (Downhill Racing 1&2) and Rob Boyd (Happy Feet).

Downhill Racing 1
Downwhill Racing 2

Happy feet put Boyd back on the podium