In a few days, my blog will start to include advertisements. The reason for this is that I have decided to take a break and not renew my subscription for the premium plan that eliminates advertisements. The blog will continue to exist. At some point I may renew my subscription to the  premium plan.

The most important posts I have ever published are the series on The Mechanics Patform Angle and The Future of the Ski Boot Parts 1 and 2. For reasons that aren’t clear to me the ski industry has never done a comprehensive analysis of the forces acting between the outside ski and snow that create a platform that skiers can stand and balance on. Instead a simplistic and incomplete explanation was put forth that viewed balance in terms of opposing vertical forces missing the most important forces, horizontal forces into the hill parallel to the base of the outside ski and multi-plane torques. Unfortunately this seriously flawed explanation gained wide acceptance.

The ski industry also failed to recognize that FIT equates with DYSFUNCTION especially impaired neuromuscular function. I went into detail in this in Part 2 of The Future of the Ski Boot.

The forces associated with The Mechanics Patform Angle are not simple. They are all described in my posts for those willing to invest the time and effort to gain an understanding. But there is no shortcut. Either you understand all aspects or you understand nothing.

Skiing can and should be as easy and intuitive as walking. That it isn’t is the failure of the ski industry,not the failure of the skier.


  1. David,

    Glad to hear that the blog will continue to exist. I feel like the message will eventually make it’s way into the industry’s collective consciousness… it just might take… a while. Better late than never? In the meantime, I know that there’s at least one boot fitter out there grinding bootboards to flatten them out, making sure to leave space for toes and mets to spread out, and generally on board with the idea of letting feet do feet things!


  2. David,
    Wonderful news! Thankful that you’re still online…you’ve been such a guiding light, glad that you’re willing and able to continue. You do make a difference, keep at it!

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