Step 1 of the synergy 5 Step performance Program described in my last post is a Footbed Check using the Novel Pedar insole pressure analysis system.

Step 3 of the program is the Ski Boot Assessment detailed below. As with the 5 Step performance Program, the Ski Boot Assessment protocol and report were intended to serve as a template to base future programs on. The assessment report was intended to provide clients with information on the effects of their ski boots on their performance and/or as a work order for them to take to a boot-fitter to have any necessary issues identified in the report addressed.  Synergy Sports Performance Consultants Ltd. did not sell products or perform boot modifications.


My next post will be called FOOTBEDS: THE GOOD, BAD AND THE UGLY.






    1. CARV hardware has the ability to provide pressure data. But the software is not capable yet. I assume CARV is going forward one step at a time (pun intended). This is isappointing because plantar pressure data is essential.

      I am about to post on recent NABOSO tests and what it has taught me which is huge. The simplistic, myopic focus of the ski industry on mechanics at the exclusion of everything else is killing the sport. The minimal perspective for a meaningful narrative is neurobiomechanics/sensorimotor. The mere mention of of these terms would invariably draw blank stares. Recently, I found some excellent studies on the effect of vibrations on skiers which seem to have been completely ignored.

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