Dr. Kim Hewson attempted to post the graphic below in a comment on my post, MIKAELA SHIFFRIN AND THE SIDECUT FACTOR . Since comment fields do not enable attachments, I have posted Dr. Hewson’s graphic below.

I agree with Dr. Hewson’s position. If your knee ever angulates, I suggest you seek immediate medical attention.

In the series of posts on THE MECHANICS OF BALANCE ON THE OUTSIDE SKI, I will explain why the knee of the outside leg of a turn in racer’s such as Shiffrin has minimal internal rotation under torque high loads.



  1. Sadly many instructors and coaches still use the words “knee angulation” due to their limited understanding.

    1. Josh, I think it is more of a case of knee angulation being part of the ski culture mental model.

      At some point skiers, ski pros and coaches noticed that the knee or knees of a skier were moving or angling into a turn. Rather than trying to break down and analyze what was really happening, they coined the term ‘knee angulation’. Eventually, this term took root and became integrated into the official ski pro/coach narrative as skispeak. Those who wished to become certified had to use ‘official terms’ such as knee angulation. After a period of time. ‘knee angulation’ became part of the ski culture mental model. Whether right or wrong or inaccurate, was irrelevant.

      There is an excellent article on this in Linkedin called, Don’t sell a product, sell a whole new way of thinking. Here’s an excerpt:

      Mental models are how the brain makes sense of the vast amount of information to be processed every moment of every day. They are the lens through which we see the world. The filter that separates the signal from noise. The framework for attributing cause and effect. The “sorting hat” to decide what makes it into our conscious awareness.”


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