Since the summer and fall is a time when racers and serious skiers make changes to ski boots, I will describe the strategy I use to assess changes. It is important to make changes in a manner that controls variables and provides a baseline to make one-on-one comparisons against. However, after viewing video provided to me by several followers of my blog that graphically shows the effect on technique of changes made to ski boots over a number of years, it became apparent to me that few, if any, racers or elite skiers have any idea of what a ski boot should ideally feel like and especially how it should affect them in terms of performance.

Without clearly defined end objectives and a sequential process for achieving and confirming successful implementation, skiers and racers can only think in relative terms of better or worse, not optimal.

ASSESSING CHANGES TO SKI BOOTS was originally published on July 11, 2015. The entire post can be viewed at  http://wp.me/p3vZhu-15C

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