When Morgan Petitniot, from Font Romeu Ski Resort in Southern France, sent me a video titled ‘Ski Gear Comparison – David MacPhail‘, in which he documented his experiments with different ski boot setups, I was both suitably impressed and flattered. Morgan came across as an athletic individual; one who took skiing very seriously. He was determined not to let anything stop him from reaching the highest possible technical level. And yet, his ski equipment had been doing precisely that. In viewing Morgan’s video, I was both moved and impressed by his dedication and logical approach. Even more impressive is that Morgan realized his equipment was adversely affecting his skiing and impeding his progress. In many ways it was a deja vu experience for me; one that reflected my own journey.

Here are a series of screen shots of title scenes from each of Morgan’s experiments between 2013 and April of 2015.


(Click on images to zoom in)

Morgan, “For the first time in 2013 I saw me skiing (on video). It was the worst day of my skier’s Life ! I saw me totally blocked, tall, with little flexion at the ankle, knee and hips.”

Jan 2013

Morgan, “So I applied what I was understanding on skier’s manifesto.”

Dec 2014 copy


Feb 2015


Mar 16


Mar 28


Mar 2015
April 10


April 17 soma


April 17


April 17 Lange tongue

In my next post I will analyze Morgan’s skiing in his video and describe the events and sequences I look for that indicate problems caused by the ski boot



  1. OMG!!! Awesome series of photos! If I hadn’t seen this so many times I would say those could not be the same person in all of them. If anyone up until now doubts that boots can make a difference, either they’ll have to agree it’s all about equipment or they’ll dig in and say it isn’t the same person!! My recommendation is go with the Fischers and after ten years of tweaking they should be pretty darn good. Or ‘mine the Manifesto’ and get there this season!!

    1. It was Morgan’s documentation of his amazing technical evolution resulting from his initiative in applying material from this blog that served as the impetus for me to design the Roll Over Trainer and work with local ski pro Matt Williams. I agree with your observation. Is this really the same skier?

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