Matts’ Notes

Feelings in my body when the trainer is used correctly:

Activation of the glute muscles and a fairly relaxed quad. Further feelings of the glutes (not quads) being pulled on by the upper body is also in the correct place with a flexed hip and shoulders rounded forward. I’ve also noticed the importance of the controlling of the other leg, using it to practise releasing what would be the old outside ski as I move over onto the new turning foot.

COMMENT: Monopedal stance, that results from Roll Over, extends the fascial tension in the foot from the balls of the foot to the pelvis through foot to core extension, where it is felt in the glutes. Pulling the shoulders outward and forward, while rounding the back, extends the tension from the ball of the foot to the shoulders resulting in tension above and below the pelvis. It is this configuration that produces the quiet upper body.