Roll over pure carved turn, there’s a revolution under foot under way. Or, perhaps more accurately stated, there’s rotation happening under foot. Roll Over pure carved turn. You took skiing in the wrong direction for too many years. But your time is over….. and that’s a good thing for skiing.

Here is a clip of a move I call Roll Over. I teach this move to skiers and racers. It is fundamentally different from, and far more effective, than the Holy Grail of conventional ski technique, the pure carved turn. The skier is Stefano Berlingheri of Italy.

At the end of a turn, Stefano moves forward in the hips to bring COM over the ball of the inside foot while the inside ski is still on its inside (uphill) edge. As COM moves forward, the inside leg is progressively rotated from the pelvis as it is extended. Transfer of rotational force to the ski requires stacking the head of the femur over top of the base of the tibia at the ankle joint and moment (torque) coupling of the inner aspect of the ball of the foot with the outer aspect of the heel. As rotational force is applied, Stefano’s inclination is increasing. I have inserted freeze frame and slow motion at key events. Note the rapid rotation of the new outside (left) ski in the fall line.

Roll Over is only possible with a properly set up boot that accommodates an SR Stance.


  1. Hallelujah. The problem (it its not really a problem) is that Stefano is making a purely carved turn on ego conditions.
    If you want to see someone who is making a carrier by jamming the beginning of their turns you have to look at Shiffrin and Hirscher.

    1. You just put both your feet in your mouth and halfway down your throat. Now all you have to do is take a deep breath and swallow hard. I have lots and lots of video of a racer skiing this technique on super steep and brutal pistes in perfect control. Stefano is a superb skier as in Super. It should have been obvious he chose the piste for demo purposes.

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