Over the past few decades pronation has been aggressively vilified as evil and dangerous. Any position in support of  pronation draws accusations of a wilful endorsement of over-pronation inferring that pronation is the product of an error of evolution. The reality is that without the ability of the foot to pronate (hands also pronate), humans would be rendered immobile.

In his book, Biomechanics of Sports Shoes (NiggShoeBook@kin.ucalgary.ca), Benno M. Nigg states:
“Pronation and supination have long been the “danger variables” hanging over the sport shoe community, but their time as the most important aspects of sports shoes is over. Pronation is a natural movement of the foot and “excessive pronation” is a very rare phenomenon (my emphasis added). Shoe developers, shoe stores and medical centres should not be too concerned about “pronation” and “overpronation”. pp 122-123