The best way to clearly see the extension/pendulum effect technique in action is in a  demonstration in a non race environment with exaggerated movements. In the short video clip below, Bridget Currier of the Burke Mountain Academy nails it in a text book execution of the extension/pendulum effect technique. I have run the short sequence in a number of speeds to make it easier  to see the pendulum effects movement. As the clip starts, Currier extends on her inside leg while it is still on its inside (current) edge then moves in a perfectly timed pendulum action into the new turn.


  1. watching some WC mens slalom this December…While there certainly appears to be a pendulum effect I’m not precisely sure what you exactly mean by extension . On your video there is a fair amount of extension UP. It would appear to me that on many 2014 WC slalom turns during transition the feet are sucked up and then after that the extension is not really up but out to the side….hip down and all that creating the extreme angulation we see with Hirsher and company. . Outside leg become extended and inside leg flexed a lot so inside leg can be similar angle as outside leg….Often inside boot often almost touching outside knee.. Narrow stance but lot of separation of the skis because of the angulation. So when you say extension….can that mean more out to the side than UP. ? .

    1. The issue is fall away terrain. This puts constraints on the events around ski flat. GS is the acid test of forces. Slalom is the acid test of timing and sequence. I will expand on this in the new year.

  2. If you disregard what he does and concentrate what he says it is interesting to hear that WC racers put a great deal o attention on their inside ski. At 1:30 of he posted video is Shiffrin free skiing, What do you see there?

    1. It is not so much what one thinks they see but what the immutable laws of the universe dictate. It is no more possible to understand what a skier is doing through uninformed observation than it is to understand how a computer works by watching someone use one. While my read of Shiffrin is that she is intelligent and focussed nebulous statements like, “I’m always staying forward and balanced on my skis is the main thing.” which unfortunately are all too typical of skiing, are as meaningless as the statement, “Los Angeles is a thing on the planet earth”. In order to truly understand what one is observing in ski maneuvers, one must first possess a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the underlying mechanics, biomechanics and physics at work.

    1. What Foster is doing has nothing whatsoever to do with the use of the inside ski in the extension/pendulum effects technique. Foster is skiing on two skis with his COM somewhere between his inside and outside feet and skis. This is a very old technique that unfortunately many racers even at a World Cup level are still using.

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